in 2014 we took over the tower of refuge on the isle of man and declared it Woman Isle. Along with a twitter account we released a video of the takeover on youtube in the run up to a low tide event where people can walk to the Island.


in 2012 we were asked to make a bespoke sketch for TEDx Bristol. We were two business men who mistook the theme of the event as Future Shack (it was future shock) and consequently attempted to sell their new product, an apocalypse proof ‘Future Shack’ to the audience.


in 2012 we created a bespoke parkour tour of Douglas town centre using local free runners. it was “highly entertaining and extremely peaceful. it made me look at the world through different eyes”. Click here for more info.


in 2013 for Halloween we created a zombie alley game. guided by an injured man you take his (nerf) guns and have to get through a darkened alley shooting zombies as you go. we had hundreds of kids and families take on the zombie gauntlet with lots of surprises and scares.


we’re going on a bit now but you get what we’re saying; we have loads of ideas and loads of enthusiasm – contact us telepathically or over the internets and we’ll get this game started.


Tell us what you’re up to and we will tell you what we can do –