What works so great about the Geezers is that they are non-verbal and connect with people of all ages, they are a great act for when it rains and the logistics are extremely simple – five
minutes to get ready and performers can get anywhere on public transport making this a ‘suitcase show’ and environmentally friendly.

The geezers are all identical in their looks as they roam around the streets causing mayhem and gaining followers. The simplest movements and actions create stories around The Geezers and as an audience they keep your attention fully. The mask itself is close enough to a human face to trick your brains evolutionary instincts into trying to read it for emotion and expression which leads to a fascinated audience sometimes following them for the whole event.

They get away with interacting with the audience and causing mischief; pretending to steal phones, following people, staring and making strange movements. Our performers are all trained clowns and street performers and there is a lot of improvisation in the walkabout depending on the audience and situation on the day.

For booking information contact fools@foolsparadise.co.uk or contact@theplaypeople.com if you’re Isle of Man based.